Hi, I'm Brittni!
 Content curator and visionary behind
Konfident Life.

Leader + Innovator + Healer

 The Life Enhancer.

Truthfully so, I was unsatisfied with the flow of my life so I decided to pray and ask God for clarity and direction.

I knew that there was something MORE that I could be doing with my life, I just didn't know what it was.

After inclining my ear to hear the divine voice of God, I was instructed that my purpose on earth is to inspire.


I live to inspire.

I made a conscious decision to pursue something bigger than me and thus, Konfident Life was born.

This lifestyle brand is a love child of my many talents where I seek to encourage, motivate, and cultivate positive energy by way of inspiration to enhance the lives of others. There is nothing more rewarding than hearing someone tell me how I've helped them become a better person.

Konfident Life is the vehicle that drives me to fulfill my God-given purpose. 


What is 
Konfident Life

Konfident Life is a lifestyle brand. It embodies the essence of self-confidence and encourages others to be confident by way of inspiration, motivation and guidance. 

Who is 
Konfident Life

Everyone. It is my firm belief that konfidence should be cultivated. Konfidence isn't something that magically comes over-night and it is best instilled from young. It is SO important that every human being- at knows their purpose in life and that they are beautiful. Konfidently so. 

geared towards?
Why should
Konfident Life

You will be rewarded with a  renewed sense of self.

You will learn how to embrace who you are and as a result, encourage others to do so!


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